Reel Breakdown

RIO and RIO2
1. Tulio: Modeled character.

Peabody & Sherman *All show characters share common adult or child topology*
2. Principal Purdy: Modeled character.
3. Ms. Grunion: Modeled character.
4. Odysseus: Modeled character.
5. Carl: Modeled character.
6. Generic head variants: Modeled heads for background characters.
7. Generic female body variants: Modeled female body types for background characters.

Ice Age 4
8. Hyrax: Sculpted Zbrush model and multiple expressions for director approval. Created production model and topology based on approved Zbrush sculpt.

Ice Age 3
9. Pterosaur: Modeled character.

Personal Work
10. Isaac Newton: Sculpted Zbrush model based on artwork by Joe Moshier.